About yolandaredrup

“My name is Yolanda Redrup, I’m a third year journalism student from RMIT.” I’ve uttered these words too many times to an unsuspecting listener at the end of a phone line. While striving to be a journalist, becoming a news junkie and feeling compelled to follow police cars is a large part of my life, it’s not the only thing you should know about me. I’ve got the travel bug (it's highly contagious). Nothing interests me more than experiencing unfamiliar cultures and meeting new people. I’m always setting myself goals. I’ve climbed mountains, cycled 70kms through 90km/h headwinds and swum in 24-hour mega swims. I delight in new challenges and my determination and competitiveness drive me on a daily basis.

Ararat factory fire

News package I made while on work placement at WIN Ballarat about a fire in a local factory that was accidentally started by some young kids.


BYO egg – Or should IVF donors be paid?

I wrote this article while interning at Crikey. It looks at the situation in Australia, the UK and the US in terms of how egg donors are compensated. In the UK standardised compensation of approximately $1,200 AUD has just been introduced and the waiting lists for eggs has dramatically reduced. In contrast, there is no legislated payment for Australian egg donors and couples must between two-six years for a donated egg.

Check out the article!

As originally posted on Crikey: http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/11/02/byo-egg-or-should-ivf-donors-be-paid/

Image by Sharon Pruitt, Wikimedia

Who has the right to sterilise the disabled? Families divided

An article I wrote for Crikey on the Australian Senate Inquiry into the involuntary sterilisation of disabled women and children. It was interesting to hear both sides of the debate, with both sides presenting a compelling case.

To make up your own mind, have a read!

Triple R Midday News, September 4, 2012

I presented and produced the news for Triple R with fellow journalism student Nadia Petrov. Top stories for the day were the Grocon police blockade at the Melbourne city work site, the Baillieu government granting permission for a bike bridge across the Yarra River in Abbotsford and National Child Protection Week. Take a listen!